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Own Your Rubbish' Project

The 'Own Your Rubbish' Project is the ingenious brainchild of photographer and creative director Laurie Macpherson. Working with four community groups, namely The Zee-Bag Project, Shingirirai Trust, Happy Organisation and Hope Group, plus 12 individual local artists, all of whom work with rubbish and found objects, Laurie has set out to make all of us far more aware of all the rubbish we create and then discard.

An energetic Instrumental and Vocal Eisteddfod

Running 23 February to 20 March, the National Institute of Allied Arts (NIAA) Vocal and Instrumental Eisteddfod offers the public musical performances from across the spectrum. The Adjudicators at this year's Eisteddfod comprise Boudina McConnachie, READ MORE

Low Carb Lunches

According to the Diet Doctor from Sweden, a Low Carb Lunch should be leftovers from the night before, after cooking more than you need. While occasionally I may cook some extra chicken, I find that I really cannot stomach eating a fry up for breakfast and then more meat at lunch time. So since my husband and I have been on the Low Carb diet, we have generally just swapped sandwiches at lunchtime for a salad. My husband used to eat 6 sandwiches at lunchtime, whereas now he generally has a lunch box full of salad. READ MORE